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GTC Advisors
Providing a boutique advisory service,
with an International reach.
100% Independently.

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GTC Advisors is a 100% Independent, privately owned Boutique Investment Advisory Firm offering services to retail, corporate and high net worth individuals. Whether you are looking for financial advice or corporate services we have the right team, products and opportunities to make your money work harder for you.

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GTC Advisors prides itself in offering a truly global financial service. Our ability to provide a wide range of independent financial advice incorporating multiple sectors, markets and demographics is key to retaining clients and nurturing new relationships. It is our mission to support our clients in every aspect of their financial strategy that sets us apart from the competition.


With a truly global reach, GTC Advisors assists clients from all over the globe. From Europe to South East Asia, from the Middle East to North America we have the team in place to pinpoint the right opportunity at the right time.

Being Independent means we offer services and products that benefit our clients, not our bottom line.

Whether you are looking for a long term financial strategy, incremental investments or even transitioning a fund, we can help. Our client base ranges from small retail investors and small cap businesses to funds of funds and multi-national corporations, giving us the ability to nurture our clients’ portfolios to the maximum, allowing us to present financial products and services that are current and fit for purpose and profitable.

Our team incorporates decades of experience, which in turn is dedicated to securing our clients financial future and freedom. Our goal is to bring you onboard and retain your business, building relationships that will determine the next steps in your financial security all the while adding value to your fiscal wellbeing.

Business Services and Sectors

Our ability to cross several sectors and services is key to providing the best possible advice to our clients. With backgrounds ranging from Private Equity to Textiles and from Consumer Electronics to Manufacturing our advisors have the edge when it comes to experience, knowledge and information no matter what sector or market you are considering.

Luxury goods and services

  • Up and coming fashion designers seeking capital injections
  • European luxury firms willing to enter American markets
  • Fashion and cosmetics firms looking for US production or distribution partnership
  • American manufacturers seeking to expand in Europe and Asia-Pacific …

Hospitality services

  • Small luxury operators seeking American financing
  • American investors willing to expand in Europe and Asia
  • European operators willing to enter the US hospitality market
  • International investors seeking to expand their portfolio with US acquisitions …

Food & beverage services

  • American F&B investors willing to grow an international portfolio
  • International investors in search of domestic acquisitions
  • Successful French operators willing to launch their concept in the US
  • Investors in need of capital injection to grow job base and market coverage…

Private equity

  • Funds in need of advice on targeted acquisitions in the above sectors
  • Funds having to outsource modelization of corporate assets valuations
  • Funds assessing capital needs to support acquisition
  • Funds entering into relationship with overseas investors

Medical services

  • American importers of international technologies
  • Overseas investors seeking to acquire US companies
  • American manufacturers willing to position internationally
  • Investors in need of capital injection to grow services base and market coverage…

Business Development services

Whether you are looking for Private Equity Services, Project Finance and Management or Merger and Acquisition strategies we can advise you. Having specialists in each field means that the team we put together will always have access to the best platforms for your business including the ability to introduce you to suitable finance partners who look to add value to your business.

Project finance

  • P&L simulations and balance sheet models
  • Cashflow and working capital requirement analysis
  • Financial structures modelization …

Mergers & acquisitions

  • Private equity consultancy
  • Search for US investors
  • Search for US business partners
  • Entrepreneurs mentoring…

Business development

  • Global expansion strategies
  • Marketing strategy and innovations
  • Entering the US market
  • Branding & digital marketing

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